Athena remembered waking up that day with no idea what was going on.  The usual sound of her noisy family was suddenly absent. Once she managed to drag herself out of bed, Athena hopped in the shower and started getting ready for school. She finally made my way downstairs only to find an empty kitchen. Huh… that’s strange,” Mom? Dad?” No answer.

Her stomach started to feel uneasy. Her parents were usually always awake by this time. She checked the clock: 8:00. Ok, now her stomach is uneasy.

As she continued to call for them, she looked around the house. So far, she hadn’t had any luck. She walked outside to see if her parents cars were there. No luck. She studied her surroundings to see if she could gather any clue on what had happened to her parents. Though, Athena noticed that she wasn’t the only one who was missing her parents. She looked around her neighborhood only to see all of the other kids standing outside of their houses looking confused. What on earth is going on?



Blue sky’s surround me,

puffy white clouds float across the horizon

The sun peeks out to say hello

Silence masks confusion

Fear flows through me like a raging river
Dear Diary,

All the adults have disappeared. I’m not sure what to do at this point, I am scared and not sure how i’m going to survive. I have always had a plan for my future. And that is: graduate from high school, go to college, start my career, and see what happens after that. Though at this point, my only plan is to survive. Earlier, I decided to take a drive around town to see what exactly what was others reaction to the sudden disappearance. So far, not many people have reacted all too well. Shops were broken into, lamp posts have been knocked over, and cars were crashed into the sides of buildings. I have to get out of this town.

Step one: Go home and pack up as many things as possible.

Step two: Take a trip to the grocery store.

Step three: Drive as far away as possible.

Step four: Hope for the best.
Now that all of the adults have disappeared, there are many things to consider. For example, the fact that since that there are no adults… people are going crazy. Another factor to consider, is that any prisoner under the age of 18 has a pretty good chance of escaping. Once Athena got home, she immediately ran up to her room to start gathering as many things as possible. When she was finished with that she slowly made her way to her parents room. She wasn’t quite sure what she was afraid of though. Was it the fact that she had no idea if whatever had taken her parents was in there? Athene grabbed the closest thing to a weapon which just so happened to be a lamp. She quickly opened the door and stood back to see whatever it was, that was in there. Though to her surprise, the room looked exactly like it always did. The bed was made, and everything on the bedside table was perfectly organized. Strange. Athena made her way over to the top draw to her father’s dresser to get the gun that he always kept there just in case of emergency. The day that her father taught her how to use it was the last day they spent father daughter time together. The thought of it made her eyes water. Finally, she went down to the kitchen to gather the rest of the things she needed. She first grabbed one of the kitchen knifes for extra protection. Then, she made her way to the fridge and made a couple sandwiches to stuff in her backpack. When she was finally done with that, she made herself something to eat for breakfast. Now it was time to go. On Athena’s way out she made sure to grab all of her family members wallets so that she would have enough money for gas and anything else that she would need. Before she left, Athena made sure to lock the door behind her just in case she would ever make it back, the house wouldn’t be completely destroyed.

I wish I could be with my family again.

I wish I could hear the laughter of my parents whenever I tell them a joke.

I wish I could feel the warmth radiating off of them when we hug.

I wish I could tell them that I Iove them one last time.
Dear Diary,

Now that i’ve left the house, I feel more homesick than ever.  Once I left town, I’ve felt like a big chunk of me is missing. All I want to do is go and curl up in a little ball and cry. But, I have to stay strong, for mom and dad. The first stop I need to make is at the grocery store. I need to gather as many supplies as possible. Once I got to the store, I noticed that the glass doors were shattered and I got that feeling in the pit of my stomach again. I don’t think I have ever felt more lonely in my life.
Once Athena realized that the store was now completely abandoned, she decided to venture in. When she got her cart, the first thing she did was go and pack as many water bottles as she could. After that, she took a trip to the canned food section and loaded up on soups, beans, and anything else that seemed somewhat substantial. She also emptied the shelves of granola bars and gatorade before heading over to find a first aid kit. To her luck, she almost immediately found one. She then quickly grabbed some soap and was finished. She felt guilty about leaving the store without paying but then quickly overcame it by reminding herself it was what she had to do to survive.  Athena didn’t know yet exactly where she was heading but she knew that she had to go somewhere very far away from civilization.

Soon enough, Athena was running out of gas and was going to need to stop at the nearest station. Luckily, the station she stopped at was one that the could just pay at the pump and leave. Once she got out of the car and started pumping the gas, she couldn’t help but feel relaxed now that she was far away from the city. Then, all of a sudden she felt two hands forcefully wrap around her neck. “ What the hell are you doing?” a grizzly voice whispered in her ear.

Choking, “ What do you mean?! I’m getting gas!” She spit out. Suddenly the two muscular hand loosen their grip and pulled away. She turned around to see who had nearly choked her to death. When she did, she could feel her heart flutter beneath her chest. He was tall, dirty blonde, and looked like a god. Beneath his squinted eyes she could see the bright blue shining through his confused gaze. He looked at her as if he was trying to analyze every single one of her features. “Good.” he said, “ You’re not one of them.” And then turned around and started to walk off. “ Wait!” She called after him. “What do you mean by one of them?” By now, she could tell that he was probably around her age. “ Just go away, don’t worry about it.” He responded. No way Athena was going to let someone walk away if they might have some idea of what happened to her parents. So, that only left her one choice. “Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!” She yelled her battle cry as she was trying to attack. She jumped on his gorgeous back in attempt to tackle him. Except, he didn’t budge. Instead the exact opposite happened. He grabbed Athena’s arm and flung her over his shoulder and onto a grass field right next to the gas station.
“ Owwww…” Athena moaned as she came back into consciousness. “ What was that for!” She complained. He laughed in response. Athena gave him a look of disapproval and pouted. “ I just wanted to know what the heck is going on!”   “ You want to know what’s going on?” He said. “ All the adults on the face of the Earth have been taken by aliens and their planning to attack us so they can take over! That’s what’s going on!” He explained. She chuckled. No way aliens are real. She continued to laugh until she noticed him staring at her with a look of annoyance and realized he was serious. He started to walk off again which made Athena jump to her feet and run after him. “ What do you want?” He said gruffly. “ You can’t expect to tell someone something like that and just leave them!” She exclaimed. “ At least let me stick with you!” Athena added. “ Ok,” He mumbled “ But here’s the rules, one, don’t die, two, don’t make me die, and three… do everything I say.” He explained. “So,” He added, “What’s your name?” “Athena, you?” “Felix” He smiled making his eyes light up, while making the butterflies in Athena’s stomach spring to life.
Dear Diary,

A couple weeks have gone by now. Now that I have met Felix, things have been going pretty smoothly. We have been camping out in a new spot so “they” won’t find us, whoever they are. I can’t help but have a crush on Felix. I mean, he is absolutely gorgeous! Every Time our hands accidentally touch a bolt of electricity is sent up my arm. Well, I have to go and help the god get fire wood, but I guess I will talk to you later!
Athena ventured outside of the tent to find Felix leaning up against a tree waiting for her. “ Are we going to go today or what?” He joked. Athena met him by his side and started walking along with him. As they crept into the woods, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of happiness that she has now found someone to experience this crazy adventure with her. All of a sudden, Athena felt Felix’s fingers nudge against hers. She looked up and saw him smiling, making her blush. Then, their fingers twined together making her blush even more. Even though life throws some pretty crazy curveballs, there is always a way to make them a bit more enjoyable.


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