Pathway Selection


On pathway day, we visited and learned many different things about each pathway. We learned that in BioMed, that are a lot of dissections, notes, and labs. In Engineering there are enthusiastic teachers and plenty of problem solving. And finally in MediaTech, there is tons of animation and film making. Though, out of all of the pathways I learned that there is only one for me. BioMed. I want to go into BioMed because i’ve always loved science, it is going to benefit my future, and it is going to change my life in a positive way.

I chose BioMed because I have always loved science. In BioMed, we not only study the different functions of the human body, but we also learn forensic science, dissections, even how to draw blood! And to me, that is what I truly want to do. I find BioMed very interesting and fascinating. I want to be a doctor when I get older, and BioMed is the perfect pathway to get me set up for that.

BioMed is going to benefit me and my future in multiple ways. BioMed is going to prepare me not only for the medical field, but for college too! In BioMed we will learn how to take great amounts of helpful notes, which will be a very good skill in our college classes. We will also learn how to write lab reports and perform dissections. All of this is great, but most of all BioMed is going to make me happy. It is what I really enjoy doing and what I want my future to look like.

Going into BioMed is going to change my life in a positive way. It’s going to teach me grit, hard work, critical thinking, and most importantly, it’s going to grow me as a person. BioMed is going to teach me very important life skills. For example, eventually we will learn how to do stitches (suture someone up). This is a very important skill to have, not only just for a doctor. In case of and emergency where you can’t have immediate medical help, the skills you learn in BioMed could potentially save someones life. 

In conclusion, I chose BioMed because I feel that it is the pathway that most suits me. It will continue on my love of science and influence the kind of student I will be in the future. It will grow my mind and knowledge of the world! 


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