8th Grade Science Chemistry lab Report: Copper Nitrate, Sodium Bicarbonate

In science we are currently learning about chemistry. We are writing lab reports about the substances we were assigned. My substances are Copper Nitrate and Sodium Bicarbonate

. You can read my full lab report by clicking on this link: 

My science lab report paper is currently in the process of “peer review.” Peer review is an important part of the scientific communication process in which an article is shared with experts in the field to read, check for accuracy, and make suggestions for improvement. Peer review helps make sure published science is correct and usable by others. I have submitted a draft of my report to my teacher, classmates, and experts in the field. I would like to invite you, my reader, to share in the peer review process by leaving a comment in the Comments section below with suggestions for how I can improve or thoughts on the current strengths of my paper.


I would rate my overall effort on this project so far as a three because there are some areas of the lab report that could be improved, but I have put in my best effort. I feel that we are at a very good place with our report and my partner and I have been very supportive of each other during this process.

Participating in the process of peer review is important because, you can get different points of view on your lab report and what you could improve on. Plus, you can make sure that your piece is the best that it could be.

The thing that I am most proud of about this project so far is that both my partner Hannah and I have both been absent for at least one day during this project but have managed to get our lab report where it needs to be.


2 thoughts on “8th Grade Science Chemistry lab Report: Copper Nitrate, Sodium Bicarbonate

  1. You did a great job on the diagrams and I enjoyed looking at them. Remember that you can put source links in the reference area. Maybe you can add more to the introduction and more chemical and physical properties. I really like the blog opening, when I opened your blog post it really popped and I liked it. Overall it is really good but, maybe you can put a little more into the chemical and physical properties.


  2. You did very well on the diagrams, and the whole thing was well written. I also thought you did very well on the procedures. Be sure to capitalize the names of the elements, and add more details in certain places such as the analysis, and finish writing the analysis. It was very well done, though!

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