Mel’s Life

Ava Angelini

1st Period

Empathy Project


                                              Mel’s Life


Ever since I was a little kid, I have always been very close to my family. My aunts and uncles were just like my second parents, and my actual parents and I have always been so close that if we got any closer, it would be suffocating. I grew up with two sisters, one who is now 16 going on 17, and another 11 soon to be 12. My older sister goes to school with me, while my younger sister goes to elementary school.


I think the reason my family and I have always been so close, is because we have always spent so much time together.  I think my favorite thing to do with my family is to drive around with all the windows down and the music blasting, preferably where there are tall buildings. It’s times like that where I know that my family and I are inseparable.  


My favorite family memory would have to be when we all went to Cancun for spring break in 2016. It’s the most recent memory I have, but it’s also one of my favorites. It had to be some of the most fun I had in a really long time. What really made the trip is having a lot of my family there with me. About 20 of us went!!


My family has always traveled a lot! We actually used to go to Mexico almost every weekend! We really have ever only been to Mexico, California, Washington D.C, and Florida. We still travel a lot, though not as much. Mexico is like a second home to me. I practically grew up there! I have so many friends and family in Mexico, it’s such a huge part of me. That’s where my parents are from, and where I was baptized. Even though I was born in Austin, I have a really strong connection to Mexico and I don’t think anything could ever change that.  I have such great memories of everywhere that i’ve been and will always cherish that.


I have had a very nice childhood and it is something that I can look back on and smile at. I went to two different elementary schools and made some pretty great memories there. I am actually still friends with and talk to a lot of people from elementary school! The only regret I have is not taking the time to step back and enjoy elementary school. I treated elementary school as if it was middle school; I always pressured myself to make the best grades. Though, now that I am actually in middle school, I can see that elementary school should have been that time for me where I could just breath.


Though school has been pretty stressful in the past, my favorite memory is getting accepted into Ann Richards. Ann Richards has a very good reputation, so when I found out I got in I was thrilled! I worked so hard to get in and I wanted it so badly. Now that I am going to ARS, I am so glad that I made that decision. ARS has become such a big part of me and I have made so many close friends here. When they say that Ann Richards girls are sisters, they are not joking. Much like my family we are all very close whether we like it or not.


Because I come from a family where hard work is cherished, I thrive to do the best I can in school and in life. I currently want to go to Texas State University. I don’t necessarily have a plan of how I want my life to go. I am more of the kind of the type of person who goes with the flow. Though, there is one thing I do know and that is that I want to always stay close to my family. They are such a big part of me and I can’t even imagine a world where they are not there.

I  come from a family of hard work. We came from a very poor background and a poor country. My dad started at the bottom of a company and worked his way up. If there is one thing I learned from my family, it’s that if you work hard and and put in effort, your life will go to fantastic places. My family is unbreakable. I am unbreakable.


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